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My Cute Kitten

Pet is a living thing that can make we smile or laugh by watching on their behavior. There are sometimes when we talk to our pet, it like can understand on what we say through their body language. Here, I want to share with you all about my pet.I has a very cute female and male persian kitten call kimie , piepie , rexer , bubu , and cici . They has a chubby body and so pampered. THEY  very naughty kitten. It like to chase my footsteps wherever I go in my house. Sometimes it will keep on chasing me either I want to go to shop near by my house. Something special about KIMIE is it like to play with shiny things than rope or thread.Other than that, PIEPIE  have some bad habits. It can't to see food because that will makePIEPIE shouting because it want to eat the food although I just gave some Wiskess. Next, REXER  will scratch it's ear and that will make it bleeding. I always have to put Dettol cream at REXER ear. Lastly, sometimes BUBU and CICI  will make me angry and tired when it defecated in my room.

But, sometimes when THEY  was sick, I will be so panic. There is a day when it having a fever. It was so weak and make me panic. I ran over to veterinary to get some treatment for THEM because I love them  so much. After it get some treatment, the veterinarian gave some injection and medicines to them . After the day, I take care on it very much.

As a conclusion, pet is a living thing that will make us feel many feeling such as happy, sad, worried and more. That are all about what I want to share about my pet, KIMIE , PIEPIE , REXER BUBU and CICI .  Thank you for keep reading on my blog <3 

piepie , kimie , cici , bubu , rexer



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