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HELP ! i'm a shopaholic :(
Thursday, 3 January 2013 @ 19:30 | 0 Comment [s]


okay first of all i need help and i'm not trolling, so if you're gonna be mean then go away.

i'm 19  and seriously addicted to shopping! my parents let me use their credit card (with permission) for clothes . whenever i see something i want (like every week) i say "dad, i need a new jacket" (or something like that) and he says okay. but when i go to order whatever i want, i end up adding more stuff and clothes to the cart that i dont need! every time, i end up ordering 5 more tops and skirts and silly stuff like new cases for my blackberry , ipad and samsung . also, i have an amazon account linked to their credit card and they say its ok to use whenever i need like a book or something but then i end up buying random stuff that looks cute, like makeup i dont need! My parents never ask me what i bought or ask to see it. the only time i got in "trouble" was when i ordered too much from aerie and the credit card company had to call my parents for confirmation. 
ok so seriously what do i do?! my closets are flooded with clothes i never wear, my bathroom is a mess from unnecessary hair and makeup products that i haven't even opened, and i still have new clothes i bought on the 3 months ago that i haven't even try !  how can i control myself and stop buying everything i think is cute?

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